Host Mark Malkoff talks with guests about legendary talk show host Johnny Carson. Guests include stand-up comics who debuted on theย Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, individuals that worked on the show, frequent guests, and top entertainers that were influenced by Carson.

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  1. Love your Podcast, your knowledge, and your enthusiasm.
    So great to hear your guests perspective on one of the greatest of the greats.
    Thank you!

  2. Love the interviews. Your knowledge of the show adds great insight. Only complaint is the audio is sometimes difficult to hear. The recent Peter Lassally was excellent, whereas I could Barely hear the Kevin Nealon episode. Keep up the good work and the great guests.

  3. Mark, your podcasts are the best. I wait with anticipation each week for the next interview. You are truly doing great work in keeping the brilliance of Mr. Carson alive. Thank you.

  4. Hi Mark;
    Love your show. You’re doing interviews with such great people.. you should grab one of these and improve the show about 90%. With this, two standard Microphones and two XLR mic cables, you’d sound much better. I’m a longtime audio professional.. let me know if I can help you in any way. Keep up the good work! :-)

  5. Very well done. I never miss listening to the podcast as soon as it is available. You have a great interviewing style and really let us appreciate the real Johnny Carson especially since there was so much trash thrown at him by his ex-lawyer to sell a book . it is nice to understand that he was a complex man, but basically decent. The genius of Johnny Carson has also been underestimated and in your interviews that is one of the constant themes.

  6. Mark – I’ve subscribed to your podcast for the past several months and have heard all of the episodes. You have really hit your stride. Your knowledge of The Tonight Show and Johnny is surpassed only by your enthusiasm for the topic and the man, himself. I’m a Baby Boomer who grew up watching Johnny as he had the last word on America’s day and he was a treasure. Thanks for keeping his memory alive and, more importantly, adding to our knowledge of this cultural institution. Continued success!

  7. Great job on this podcast. Love the good ole days. Gen X checking in.

  8. I can only thank you, Mark. I’m delighted to discover this haven for analysis and reflection on the Carson era of “The Tonight Show,” and subjects like Rich Little, Charles Grodin and Mel Brooks prove you’re not fooling around. And Teresa Ganzel? Golly!
    Hearing just two episodes (Little and documentarian Peter Jones –well done), I am a fast fan. Long may your podcast live and thrive.

  9. These are a real treat. So many of us really miss Johnny and learning more about him from the people who knew and worked with him is a rare privilege. Thanks so much for doing this!

  10. Hi Mark. I just left the following review at the iTunes store for you:

    Great idea for a podcast. I grew up watching Johnny Carson – no one called it the Tonight Show back then, of course – and remember so many of the guests Malkoff interviews. It’s wonderful to hear their stories and still learn new things about the King of Latenight and the people who were influenced by him.
    As others have pointed out, Malkoff is definitely a fanboy and tends to get a little too geeky about the position he finds himself in. And, yes, his interviewing skills need to be honed a bit. However, as Carol Burnett pointed out in her interview (talking about Vicki Lawrence) – and I’m paraphrasing – everyone starts out rough. I’m impressed that this young man not only came up with the idea, but has been able to connect with so many of the “old gang” from those days.
    He’s also managed to keep up the weekly schedule for nearly a year now. The interviews are rough, but I’m enjoying myself and will keep listening.
    Thanks to Mark for reminding us what a treasure we had!

  11. One of the best podcasts and such an original concept from what sounds like a very young man but wise beyond his years. I’m not very old I just got to watch the tail end of Johnny Carson but still remember a little and your podcasts is a virtual Time Machine I have enjoyed every podcast sincerely and I’m curious to what you plan on doing in the future once this is all wrapped up with a bow which it really never can be. Thank you so much

  12. I started listening to these podcasts two days ago and can’t stop.
    I liked Carson, love stand-up and enjoy hearing about the process of becoming famous.
    Mark Malkoff, you are a terrific interviewer, clearly the right person to do this given how personable, enthusiastic and knowledgable you are. Keep it up, and thank you.

  13. This site is outstanding. Keep it up. People need to remember the genius of Carson. All of the anecdotes about the show are interesting. Carson was special since he wanted his guests to shine. He did not need the spotlight on himself at all times, unlike some hosts. Carson fans, check out this fan page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/702337593204454/

  14. Any interviews with anybody from the Tonight Show band? It doesn’t have to be with Doc, but I’d sure like to hear about the daily routine and how they thought about stump the band.

    • Agreed, that would be fascinating. Doc would be great, or any other band members. Unfortunately, some of them are gone, like Ed Shaughnessy and Snooky Young. Maybe Don Sweeney would be a good guest? He worked with the band a lot. That band was absolutely fantastic, with some of the world’s best jazz musicians.

  15. for whatever these may lack in polish, you more than make up for it with enthusiasm and preparation. Who didn’t love The Tonight Show with Johnny? He set the bar….no one else has ever come close. And these podcasts are like having a backstage pass. I’m hooked!

  16. love. love. love.

  17. Hello Mark….

    I can’t tell you enough what a joy it is to
    Listen to your entertaining podcast…

    When I was growing up, I loved watching
    Johnny at any and all opportunities .

    Tonight Show, Celebrity roasts,
    Carson comedy classics , etc.

    Many of us miss him dearly, and your
    Shows are like a touchstone that lets
    Us relive some of his magic, and
    Enlightens us with story’s many of us
    Would never know about the wide
    Ranging influence Johnny had.

    I feared his legacy would be forgotten,
    By the younger generation, but your
    Show gives me hope that even they
    Can discover and learn about just
    How talented and generous he really was.

    I would love to see you produce a video
    Version of some of your most
    Memorable guests retelling their stories.

    Maybe Someday…???

    In any event, please keep going with
    The podcasts, they are wonderful. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

  18. Having worked briefly as a Page at NBC Burbank in the late 70s, in an around Studio One, your podcasts have brought back some wonderful memories! Thank you for doing this.

    • JR, I appreciate you listening to the podcast! That’s so great you worked as a NBC Page in Burbank. That lot is television history. All my best!

  19. Hi Mark,

    It would be helpful to have information about your sponsors listed on the podcasts, so that if I hear about something I want to look into I can come to the website and find it. Right now I have to go back in the show and zoom back and forth trying to find the ad.

    • Martin, thanks for your feedback. That makes a lot of sense.

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