Trini Lopez

Trini LopezTrini Lopez joins Mark to discuss his 17 Johnny appearances, his awkward encounter with Carson at Chasen’s, and his friendships with Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

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  1. Since I have recently discovered your podcast , it has helped me get off crack(lol)! Im totally addicted. It has been running constantly in my car. I have been making of places to go to. My goal is to listen to every episode! Who ever thought I would be so interested in old staff members of the Johnny Carson show? Thanks for all the great content. I will be making a donation soon (as soon as I can get some $$ together!). It’s my goal to hear my name on the beginning of the show! Thanks again for all of the great shows and keep up the great work!
    Chuck Hollander

    • So happy you’re enjoying the podcast, Chuck! I appreciate you wanting to support the podcast. I’m still hoping I can get Doc as a guest.