The Amazing Kreskin

The Amazing Kreskin and Mark Malkoff

The Amazing Kreskin talks to Mark about his memorable Carson appearances, why Johnny banned Orson Welles from the Tonight Show, and how him tripping on a talk show became part of Carnac the Magnificent.

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One comment on “The Amazing Kreskin

  1. Hello, Mark. I enjoyed the interview of T.A. Kreskin, but you failed to ask him a painfully obvious question. While he gladly related the story of why Orson Welles was banned from appearing with Johnny, he never offered to tell the story of why he himself was banned by Johnny, and never appeared after 1980. From what I read, Johnny was fascinated to learn how Kreskin did a particular trick, asking him off-air, “How do you do that?”, to which Kreskin gave the wrong response, “I don’t know!” Carson, with his background as a magician, was highly offended by that answer. I believe that is when he started inviting famous paranormal debunker, The Amazing Randi, on his show more. You might want to contact him for an interview as well. I’d be very interested to hear what his thoughts are on Kreskin, and about the famous Carson show where Johnny exposed Uri Geller as a fraud. Keep up the good work!