Teresa Ganzel

Mark Malkoff and Teresa Ganzel

Actress Teresa Ganzel performed sketches with Johnny Carson for a decade as a member of the Mighty Carson Art Players.  Teresa talks about performing classic sketches with Johnny, being so nervous during her first Tonight Show appearance that Johnny had to hold her hand, and Johnny’s rehearsal process.

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4 comments on “Teresa Ganzel

  1. Hey Mark,

    I love the shows. You do a really nice job. Great idea for a podcast. Wonderful behind the scenes peek at the amazing Johnny Carson. Thanks for your efforts. Hope it gets big.


  2. This is so much fun. Mark Malkoff is a great interviewer. He leads people so they can really share about their experiences on the Johnny Carson Show.

  3. I love this show, Mark. TRUE quality. Keep ’em coming, man!!

  4. Mark: I really enjoy the show. The show with Teresa Ganzel put a smile on my face the whole program. She is wonderful great get great interview. Keep them coming.