Steven Wright

Mark Malkoff and Steven Wright

Comedian Steven Wright talks to Mark about his love for Carson growing up, his memorable Tonight Show stand-up debut in 1982, and how Johnny Carson changed his life—twice.

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  1. Hershey High Represent!

    Mark, I’ve been so happy and proud of your continuing pursuit of your dreams. I’ve watched Laughing Squid blog for years and really enjoy that they cover your fun projects. I saw Stephen Wright in Atlanta at a show last year and he was awesome, of course. But this interview, with you both cracking up, is so intimate and delightful. Keep up the great work. You still in touch with any of our other high school comic characters? I thought you guys were the coolest and still remember the school talent/variety shows.

    Be well, man!


  2. Wright on!

  3. Best Steven Wright Jokes

  4. I really enjoyed hearing this. Anyone who liked this should check out the Peter Lassally podcast. In that one, he talked about how he discovered Steven, and the fact that Steven is still so grateful for all that Johnny’s show did for him.