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Shelly Cohen and Mark MalkoffShelly Cohen joins Mark to discuss his 30 years at The Tonight Show, conducting the NBC Orchestra, Ed McMahon’s nightclub act, and Johnny playing in a ping pong tournament at his home.

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5 comments on “Shelly Cohen

  1. Mark. I am only 25% through the interview and so far it is a great show.

    Finally, someone is discussing the Skitch Henderson story!

    Ed McMahon refused to discuss it on his American Archive of Television interview other than saying “there was an incident.”

    During Milton Delugg’s Archive of American Television interview, the interviewer started to ask him about the circumstances that led to his appointment as the Tonight Show band leader. However, before Delugg was asked about Skitch, he insisted that the Archive stop taping…He knew the questions about Henderson were about to start.

  2. Wonderful interview with Shelly Cohen…thank-you!

    Mark, you showed great restraint when Shelly mentioned that Cory Carson was living with them for a year. I’m sure the entire listening audience wanted to know why and the circumstances, but you didn’t go there.

    Doc S. would be a gold star “get” for the show. Let’s hope it happens. It’s amazing that he’s never written a book about his Tonight experiences.

    • So happy you enjoyed the Shelly Cohen episode! You’re right. I got the sense it was a personal matter. I’d absolutely love to sit down with Doc. He’s also at the top of my wish list for guests.

  3. Mark…. one of your best interviews down the entire 30 year “memory lane”. Great stuff from a true gentleman, and insider.
    On another note while I’m here….really enjoyed the Bob Einstein segments too.

    • Thanks, Bill! I loved chatting with Shelly Cohen. Glad you enjoyed the episode.