Rick Ludwin

Rick Ludwin and Mark Malkoff

Rick Ludwin, former NBC VP of late night and specials, joins Mark to discuss working with Johnny, trying to get Johnny back on TV after retirement, and bringing Jerry Seinfeld to NBC.

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4 comments on “Rick Ludwin

  1. Good show. So far 1/3 in. The SNL sketch in question was Dana Carvey as “Carsenio” dressed in pastels and spiked hair and Phil Hartman as Ed McMahon wearing spiked hair trying to look hip

    I hated Bob Hopes appearances in the final years. I preferred to watch Arsenio Hall.

    I like the podcast. I’ll check out Patreon and try to contribute.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Great show! Carson, SNL, Seinfeld…one of the best episodes yet.

  3. Great podcast, but Rick made a very small mistake. Hollywood Squares would NEVER tape on a day when the Tonight Show was doing ‘live tapings’. When that conflict would happen, they’d tape weekends only. When Johnny was on vacation, they’d use his studio for Hollywood Squares, as well.