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Rich Little and Mark MalkoffImpressionist Rich Little joins Mark to discuss his Carson appearances, why he thinks the Tonight Show stopped booking him, and guest hosting the night Dick Shawn infamously trashed the Tonight Show set.

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4 comments on “Rich Little

  1. Thanks for a great podcast. I love Rich Little! One of my all time favorite comedic performers. He has amazed me with his great talent like no other, except maybe Jerry Lewis.

  2. Enjoyed! Thanks.

  3. I saw the Dick Shawn episode when I was 16 or 17. Shawn came on and did a long, very funny and very smart monologue about the the war in Vietnam. When he was done, he came over to Rich and shook his hand. Then he walked to the guest chair, put one knee in the seat and did a somersault over the back of the chair, landing in the plants behind. After he righted himself and the chair, he grabbed the small round coffee table in front, held it high in the the air and proclaimed, “King Kong’s cufflink!” Huge laughs throughout.
    They went to break shortly after that and just as Rich says, when they came back to the show, the desk had been tipped over and the two of them were in it and Dick was ‘rowing’ with the desk mic.
    I don’t remember anything else. I was alone when I saw it and thought, how am I going to explain this to anyone!

  4. Mark….I just discovered your podcast this week, and have been binging on past episodes. Thanks so much for the Memories. I have made several friends aware.
    You are quite good at your interview style. I particularly loved the Dick Cavett 100th episode.