Peter Lassally

Peter Lassally and Mark Malkoff

Legendary late night talk show producer Peter Lassally discusses his 23 years producing The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, his tenure as Executive Producer on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and urging Johnny post-retirement to send his jokes to David Letterman.




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3 comments on “Peter Lassally

  1. What a great interview! Lassally is the ultimate late night TV insider. I wish he would do more interviews. It was great to hear about all of his memories. Sounds like he really helped Steven Wright with his big break. I love the anecdote about Johnny carrying his lunch to work each day in a brown paper bag.

  2. What a coup to get Peter Lassally. I’m glad your enthusiasm and your knowledge moved him enough to let you do the interview. Could listen to him talk about his experiences in TV for hours and hours. Great job!

  3. I loved this interview with Mr. Lassally. I found him very interesting and love the fact that he is a good friend of Regis Philbin…Mr. Lassally you have excellent taste…I am a big fan of Regis Philbin…what you see is what you get….and he is so interesting and I love the way he tell stories….