Joan Embery

Joan EmberyJoan Embery discusses bringing nearly 500 animals on the Tonight Show, an elephant picking up Johnny into the air with her trunk, and Johnny spending the day with her at the San Diego Zoo.

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  1. Hi Mark, great interview with Joan Embery! We were so excited to find out she was your guest this week. Real quick, we just wanted to clarify that the Volume 11 shows you mentioned during the Podcast are actually on The Featured Guest Series – Volume 11 which features Joan Embery. Joan appears on a number of shows on The Vault Series as well, which will be available in retail stores on October 4 or go to and pick up both collections online today. Coincidentally, in honor of your episode with Joan, we’ve decided to announce our latest release “Johnny’s Animal Experts” a 2 DVD release featuring the best animal moments from 8 episodes with Joan Embery and Jim Fowler, including the episode you and Joan talk about with Carol the elephant picking up Johnny with her trunk. “Johnny’s Animal Experts” will be available for Pre-Order next week.

    We are such big fans of the Carson Podcast, keep up the great work!
    Carson Entertainment Group