Howard Papush

Howard Papush and Mark MalkoffFormer Tonight Show talent coordinator, Howard Papush, joins Mark to discuss his memorable dealings with legendary Tonight Show guests including Gregory Peck, Warren Beatty, Shelley Winters, James Brown, Carl Sagan, and many more.

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3 comments on “Howard Papush

  1. I’m married to a tonight show talent coordinator, and I’ve know Howard for years. So the stories are not new to be. However still riviting! I tuned in while I was doing other things and found myself stopping and listening! Great two hours! Lucky me, I can ring Howard the the conversation continues! Worth your while to have a listen!

  2. All of the showbiz stories are priceless. Not a bad gig that he had.

  3. I met Howard on the show in 1977 as a friend of a guest. I recall him being the consummate gentleman, easy-going and a real pro. Glad to hear that, 39 yrs later, nothing has changed! Truly enjoyed hearing these two excellent hours. Bravo!