Fred Stoller

Fred Stoller and Mark Malkoff

FredĀ StollerĀ talks to Mark about his 1989 Johnny Carson appearance, the challenges of writing for Seinfeld, and sitcom tales detailed in his book Maybe We’ll Have You Back.

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2 comments on “Fred Stoller

  1. GREAT SHOW! I’ll come back and listen to more episodes.

    For Fred:

    You get as much from your losses as you do your victories. Our losses are there to wake us up.
    So there are no mistakes really. We are greater than any one experience. We are the sum, of our experiences, and along the way we gain insight and wisdom, as too as we get older we learn to relax and stop trying to control everything. I think that’s what they call Grace.
    I think your career has been pretty wonderful.
    Imagine if you had gotten everything you think you wanted when you wanted it. It might have been too much for you to handle. You may have burned out, or become very jaded.
    God knows I have met those ppl along the way. YUK. Huge careers and I wouldn’t spend ten minutes in the same room with them if you paid me. And you’d have to. LOL

    My Carson appearance went like this. “If Shelly Winters doesn’t talk too much you can do your second song”
    Guess who sang once.

  2. You also talk about your career with warmth and insight and candor. I appreciate that.