Ed Ames

Ed Ames and Mark Malkoff

Ed Ames talks to Mark about his famous Tomahawk toss with Johnny in 1965, Johnny having him sing the same song on the Tonight Show every night for an entire week, and his friendship with Daniel Boone co-star Fess Parker.

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8 comments on “Ed Ames

  1. You struck gold talking with Ed Ames about his career and his famous tomahawk segment on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. Fascinating.

  2. Wow! Finding this Ed Ames interview is like a gift! So fabulous! Ed Ames was fantastik – yes I spelled it that way on purpose – as Mingo on the Daniel Boone TV series. Since watching the reruns, I’ve discovered his singing career and his luscious baritone vocals, purchased some CDs and even some old vinyls. Can’t get enough of Ed Ames. He is one fabulous talent that’s for sure. Finding this current interview just made my night. I’m glad he is still robust and in good health. We had an Ed Ames Christmas after discovering his Christmas albums, and they’re now my favorites. Thank you.

  3. Thanks so much for this interview. i hope Mr. Ames is aware of how many people he has affected over the years with his heartfelt songs and amazing talents. Meeting him must have been wonderful. i think i have all his recordings and videos I can find! He is still so very handsome.

  4. I must tell you that I have just recently fell head over heels for Ed Ames, he is such an intelligent man and seems so gentlemanly. I heard he and his brothers when I was in high school, Chicago, early l950’s.
    I am 78 going on 79 April 2nd. I happened to hear the song “A very Precious Love” on You Tube, and cannot listen to it without tears rolling down my face, the reason is not quite logical to me, I am a widow and lonely at times, so the old music helps, and hearing it sung by Ed Ames is surely comforting to me. I wish he could get this message from me, it would be great to let him know how people still feel about him. God bless this man, and I hope we have him for a long time yet, that taking care of his body and spirit must help a great deal. Sincerely, Marjorie (the song is from Marjorie Morningstar) so it’s rather special to me. Marjorie Havlicek Chicago, Illinois.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful interview of a man we all love. Our fans on the Fess Parker Facebook Fan Page will absolutely love this. Wouldn’t it be great if Jimmy Fallon invited Mr. Ames back to reminisce about that show? Best wishes.

    Donnie Adams

  6. What a terrific interview with Ed Ames! He’s been a favorite entertainer of mine for decades! Glad you touched on many of the things he is known for, singing, his portrayal of Mingo on Daniel Boone, & his tomahawk throw on Johnny Carson has been a long time classic, just to name a few! You certainly did a terrific job recapping Mr. Ames lengthy career. Well done!

  7. Hi Ed Ames I wish you good luck in the future and also I havve been watching the program of Dannel Boon and I was wondering if you really throw your tommy hawk because I sure would like to know very much. from Wendy Sells

  8. Loved the interview. I saw the original Daniel Boone show when I was a teen and just recently started catching it on tv again. Mr Ames is so sharp and young! His singing voice is still strong and I love to listen to him. Think I am developing a crush. thank you for doing this interview.