Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas and Mark Malkoff

Dave Thomas talks to Mark about Johnny’s love of his Bob Hope impression, dreaming as a kid of appearing on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and the line during his Carson appearance that caused Johnny to fall behind his desk in laughter.

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  1. Many years ago, I was married to an entertainment journalist. Bob Hope was doing a show in our city, Toronto and my then wife asked if I would like to attend a press conference he was giving knowing what a fan I was. At the scrum, Mr. Hope was clearly getting annoyed by the questions. I didn’t blame him. They came across as thinly veiled insults. “What keeps you going?” “Why are you still on the road?” He was gracious but I could see he was thinking, “Why not ask me why I’m not dead yet?” My ex also sensed the tension and whispered to me if I could think of a question. I whispered back, “Ask him if, while he’s in Toronto, he’s planning to call Dave Thomas to get some tips on how to do himself.” She repeated the question and Hope laughed (I beamed)and he said, “That’s marvelous. Dave is fantastic.” He then turned to his handler and said he really wanted to see Dave while he was in town. I thought it was so cool that Hope acknowledged the masterful impression Dave Thomas did of him. Quite a tribute.

  2. This was mighty good. Much as I was a Dave Thomas fan already, I did not at all know about his Carson connection; the stories were really terrific. Thanks a million, Marc!