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  1. Hello, Mark!
    Congratulations and thanks for your work with these interviews. My brother told me about them, and they really are as golden as all the memories we have from those years.

    Hope you can continue with many others!

  2. Thanks so much for this excellent podcast! I am really enjoying your interviews, especially Dick Cavett and Tom Dreesen. I watched Johnny from a very young age until his retirement. You are doing a great job getting some very revealing information about the man. I always say to my kids that Johnny taught me what was funny. Now, my teenage sons actively seek out any material from Johnny’s shows on Youtube, etc.

    Keep up the great work and thank you again!

  3. Mark, great theme for a podcast. I listen while running. Minor suggestion–I do an industry podcast and listen to many. You have great insight but you talk over your guests a little too much. Dial it back a bit but keep going. Regards

  4. Excellent podcast, I enjoy it immensely. One comment for improvement, try to keep your guests closer to the microphone. Your interview with Dick Cavett was really good but sometimes it was hard to hear him.

  5. A simple note of thanks. I’m loving the show and wish you much success!


  6. Really enjoy these interviews. Good luck and hope you get David Steinberg..b

  7. excellent podcast. Those of us old enough to have had the privilege of being entertained by Johnny Carson know that we were in the presence of a rare talent that is not likely to come our way again. The combination of style, class, basic Midwest decency from a different age and sheer talent combine with what appears to be an inherent shyness and the impishness of a little boy to make him an endlessly fascinating character; one we can’t seem to get enough of. Please get the old timers to give their thoughts and insights on the man while we still have them!

  8. Mark,

    Thank you for hours of stimulating conversation on your podcast. Your knowledge and preparation for each podcast is evident and the ease at which your guests reveal their experiences is a tribute to your skills and ability. Your look “behind the curtain” is fascinating and captivating. Once again thank you.

  9. I’m enjoying your podcast very much. The guests are so entertaining and you are so knowledgeable about Johnny and his guests. Your questions are outstanding. Thank you!

  10. Dear Mark:

    Thank you for the outstanding and inspiring podcast. As an aspiring comedy writer, I find each episode enlightening and highly entertaining. Just listened to Phil Rosenthal. It killed. One suggestion. I think you should use his highly memorable line from that interview in your intro…or perhaps your outro. “There are lots of presidents…there’s only one Johnny Carson.” That sort of sums up the entire ethos of your podcast quite nicely.

    -Peter Weisz

  11. Mark – great podcast! Thanks!

  12. Great podcast! Is now one of my favorites! Two problems with the audio, however: 1) I listen to podcasts with only one earphone in my ear, so that I can listen safely while driving — please record in MONO! Stereo recording makes it impossible to hear both you and your guest clearly. I don’t have this problem with any other podcasts. 2) Please do not use automatic level-control recording mode. This causes a terrible hiss to come out in the gaps when no one is speaking, and is very annoying. Otherwise, I greatly enjoy your guests and the conversations!

  13. Mark, Wonderful work with your podcast. I’m impressed with your ability to get such a variety of guests to speak with and you do a great job. Your enthusiasm and energy, as Peter Lassally said is a tremendous asset.
    Keep up your great work.


  14. Hi – Found your podcast on I-Tunes. In a word FANTASTIC! You do a great job of interviewing and getting the guests to talk about the behind the scenes stuff that most people don’t know about. I also like how you talk about the guests career along with all the Carson inside info. A top 5 podcast for me. Thanks!

  15. Just wantd to drop a note to say that I really enjoy the Carson Podcast. It is so interesting to hear the behind the scenes details of Johnny and his guests. I look forward to each new episode. Mark, your excitement is a delight. You have me hooked!

  16. Mark, I love the podcast and your enthusiasm. Its now my favorite and I look foward to new ones. I wish you good luck and keep up the excellent work!
    Tony S

  17. Great podcast. Bring back Dick Cavett. Larry MIller would be a great guest.

  18. Hi Mark-
    I’ve been listening to your Podcast for a few weeks now, and I love it! As soon as I saw it on iTunes I knew I had to grab it!
    Its so great that you started this because I know there are a lot of people who, like me, stayed to 1:00 in the morning, and then
    hopped on the school bus blurry eyed from watching Johnny all night.

    That was in the early 70s mind you, but I loved the idea of being on top of show biz stories and felt hip watching the show.
    Even though I lived next to a dairy farm. As a matter of fact, you may know, Doc Severinsen lived in Sussex County, NJ, and his kids went to my school. So that was a commute for him.

    I do have a good Mel Brooks story though. I worked at Random House in the 1980s and Mel came in one day to visit his cousin Howard Kaminsky. Well the news spread pretty fast and I left my office to hopefully “bump” into Mel. But Mel stayed in Howard’s office for a while and I had to get back to work. I get to the lobby and than step into the elevator, when I hear “hold the elevator!” I hold the elevator door, and who walks in? Mel Brooks!!
    My brain is now exploding with what? A million one liners of course. I hold my hand out and tell him I’m a big fan. He shakes it politely.
    Then as I shake I say “I guess you never thought you’d be meeting ME today! Mel laughed! I made Mel Brooks laugh!
    It was a good day. And I have a great story.

    Thanks for the Podcast.

    Brian McCarty

  19. I’m loving every minute of your Pod Cast1

  20. Thanks for all the great guests and memories. I struggle to hear them week after week – please do something about the volume. No other podcast gives me the same trouble, so I’m pretty sure my ears are fine!

  21. Interesting Buck Henry interview, but the podcast was so quiet that I had to turn the volume up sky high and even then it was hard to hear. It’s been like this for several podcasts now, and really needs to be fixed pronto!

    Any luck getting interviews from anybody in the Tonight Show band, or maybe a long time stage hand about setting up for the show?

    • Thanks for letting us know, Milt. We’re trying different methods to increase the volume. This weeks episode with the Amazing Kreskin should hopefully be louder. If it’s quiet try re-downloading it (we just put up a new louder version.) I’d love to have Doc on an episode. We have a gentleman who held the curtain open for Johnny for something like twenty years coming on the show.

  22. Mark, finally seeing your picture, I wonder how you were even aware of the Tonight Show, going back to the days of truly limited content! I mean only the 3 networks, meant for tremendous shared moments the next day. Finally heeding your request to review your podcast, lead me here. And what a treat seeing current pictures of guests my brothers and I enjoyed oh so many years ago. Can it be it has been more than 50 years since Johnny was on. My goodness he came in to our homes every night. He was like a friend. And I think it was Orson Bean who said Johnny liked conversation, lacking in today’s shows. Its true. How else could you have a guest on every 3 months, or with even greater frequency.
    Your show is a hit with me, and all my friends in Northern California. Thanks for what you are doing to revive the art of conversation!
    Now here is a question: Can you give us a heads up as to who you will be next interviewing? And I think the Buck Henry interview was one of the best so far, FYI!

  23. Great stuff, Mark. I’m just wondering if you can ask one of the inner circle a question regarding this:

    In one episode of “Dinner For Five”, Jon Favreau guest Burt Reynolds recounts a conversation with Freddie DeCordova in which Burt asks what this wall with names is, and it’s explained to him that it’s a blacklist of guests who will never be on the show. I’d love to know who all those names were.

  24. Hey Mark,

    What a great podcast! Thanks so much for taking the time and keeping the Carson love going. I’m 42 and used to watch Carson every night with my parents every night before bedtime. I also took up trumpet in band because of Doc Severinson.

    I’m finding myself cheering for you every time you score another big interview.

    Keep it up!


  25. Enjoy your podcast. It makes my drive to work so much more enjoyable.

    Jack Douglas was the writer with his wife Reiko who were frequent talk show guest that Buck Henry was referred to but could not remember their names.

  26. I love your podcasts and I love hearing the stories. Thumbs up! You make my work commute enjoyable!!

  27. Mark:
    Love the show!. You do a great job of getting the big interview.

    One request. I love the shows that are focused on Johnny Carson & the Tonight show. Shows like Tom Dresen & Jim Fowler. These shows stayed on the topic of this podcast. Johnny Carson. Other programs spend more time becoming a career retrospective of the guest, and stray from the Carson topic. We are here because of our admiration for Johnny.

    Just a thought…. Keep up the great work.

  28. Hi Mark,
    My wife and I love your podcast, and we want to encourage you to keep up the great work. I was fortunate enough to appear twice on the Tonight Show with Carson during the 1980’s and your podcast brings back many fond memories of my experience. My partner and I did a juggling act that involved throwing knives around Carson(The Raspyni Brothers)he emerged unscathed, but the experience definitely did change me forever.
    All the best

  29. Loving these podcasts, Mark. Thank you for bringing all these great memories to life.

  30. Hi Mark’
    I love your interviews and podcasts. Just read an article in Sports Illustrated that Johnny thought that Bob Uecker (over 100 appearances) was the funniest man alive. Check it out and keep up the good work.

    All the best,

  31. You are doing a great job! Mark, can you please find out how history has been rewritten to make so many people claim that the Zsa Zsa cat incident never happened? Snopes reports that it didn’t happen. I vividly recall seeing the episode myself, and laughed my myself silly! Johnny’s reply was perfectly timed. I assume that Zsa Zsa lawyered up and got Johnny to deny it in the Jane Fonda appearance, but it is odd that it has been covered up so well.

  32. Hello Mark:

    I wanted to commend you for YOUR growth as these interviews continue. When you first started you tended to interject and even finish sentences or stories if the subject took a beat.

    You’ve done a rare thing and listened to your critics and I wanted to take the time to commend you!

    I just finished your last interview with Irving Davis. Surprisingly, he was your most “inside” and therefore one of the most interesting
    interviews. I was very, very sorry to hear the interview only lasted 1/2 hour. You could have spent an hour alone on the person that attacked Johnny. WHAT? I never heard this before and wish you followed up. He handed you a diamond- as far as I can see very quickly there is nothing on the internet on this. In addition his impressions of celebrities were invaluable. I wish you pursued
    how more people treated this man. I assume he didn’t wish to expand upon his “one incident” that he felt wronged and that you followed up and edited- There seemed to be at least 5-10 obvious edits…..

    Anyway, I love the show! Your enthusiasm still shows through and skills are improving with each interview. Only thing I’d ask is that you listen to the answers to the questions and follow through and worry less about getting through your prepared questions!

    Keep up the great work!

  33. Thank you thank you.
    Thank you for an entertaining look into this cultural phenomenon.
    I grew up watching Johnny, and your podcast means a lot to me.

  34. Great stuff. Thanks for all the time and energy you put into this. Makes me miss Johnny even more!

  35. Mark, it’s been a long time now between shows. We need more! It’s my favorite podcast.

  36. Is the podcast coming back?

  37. Absolutely love the podcasts!!! Are there more coming?

  38. Mark:

    Glad the shows resumed – I was worried when you went on hiatus.

    Thanks for the entertainment and memories!

    – Johnny

  39. Greetings Mark:
    Last week on the day I returned home from the hospital having had back surgery an associate tipped me to your Carson Podcast series. Since then the enjoyment I have gotten from these Podcast has greatly reduced my awareness of pain. Excellent Mark.
    In the 1970’s Johnny Carson had the penthouse apartment six buildings down from where I was living with my parents. The building where we lived had a bar in the lobby area which became party central when the Yankees were in town for spring training. Not often, but every so often Johnny would pop in for a cocktail. I began seeing him during his daily walks on Gault Ocean Mile, at the lobby bar and around town. When we were near each other he would say “kid are you stalking me” to which I replied “yes”. I made Johnny laugh!
    Keep up the great podcast series. Jack

  40. Mark,

    What a treat to be interviewed by you! Congrats on your podcasts. You are a class act!


    Steve Mittleman

  41. Hello Mark,

    Recently I started listening to–and enjoying immensely–your podcasts. I’ve heard several thus far, my favorite being Orson Bean.

    I have a suggestion for someone you might enjoy interviewing, if you can get him. Just the other day the name Monti Rock III popped into my head. You’ve probably heard of him. He was on the Tonight Show a number of times, mostly in the 1970s, I believe. He was a rather odd, flamboyant performer (singer /musician). I always found his conversations with Johnny to be a bit off-beat, but interesting. My understanding is that he is still out there performing somewhere, and that he’s gotten even stranger then he was during his years with Carson. Perhaps you have already contacted him; if not, perhaps you should try. In the meantime, thank you for your excellent, enjoyable podcast!!


  42. Hi Mark, Really enjoy the podcasts. have you tried to get Bob Uecker. he would make an excellent guest. Maybe once the baseball season ends.

  43. Really enjoy the podcasts, Mark. One of my favorites is the one with Florence Henderson. I don’t know if you ever re-run episodes, but since her passing, more people might like to hear her.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday yesterday!

  44. Any chance that you could interview Phyllis Newman if she’s available? She’d be delightful to hear about her many appearances! Love your podcast, thanks.

  45. Mr. Malkoff:

    Fantastic podcasts. I have been listening for about a year and am working my way through older episodes. I respect how much prep you put into every episodes and it really makes for a great product. I have noticed many times that your guests are impressed by your knowledge of the subject.

    I am interested in collecting as much video content of the carson shows with the least duplication and I was wondering if you by any chance had a master shopping list?

    Thanks again for all the hard work.

  46. Love the podcast. Just curious as to why you haven’t interviewed Don Rickles or Bob Newhart yet.

  47. I want to tell you how much I enjoy your pod cast. I didn’t know there was so much that went in to do a nightly show.
    Keep up the good work

  48. Very late to the party, but I’m enjoying your interviews tremendously. I’m making a point of listening in order, and at a pace of about five or six a week, I should be caught up in no time. Then I’ll be twiddling my digital thumbs waiting for the next one. Keep up the great work!

  49. Mark, I absolutely LOVE your Carson Podcast. I’ve been a Carson fan since I was eight when I used to sneak out of bed when my parents went to sleep and watch the Tonight Show, sitting right up against the screen with the sound down low, so as not to get caught. You are a gifted interviewer and your love and enthusiasm for Johnny and his legacy is palpable in these podcasts. Thank you so much and all the best. Wayne Martin, d/b/a Wayne Martin Puppets, Boston, MA

    • Thanks so much, Wayne! Very cool that you were such a Carson fan from such an early age. I appreciate your nice words.

  50. Mark – have recently discovered your podcast and feel like I’ve stumbled across a goldmine! Thank you from someone who a) was 10 years old when Johnny went off the air and b) has never even lived in America. In fact I only really discovered Johnny about 5 years ago – thank god for Youtube – and it is not too much to say I fell in love and remain so. No one will ever compare. I seriously cannot wait to listen to every single guest. Also – please please try to interview Bob Newhart and Betty White while they’re still with us! Thank you again from NZ

    • Thanks for your kind words! Wow. Your back story is very unique. I’m honored that you listen to the podcast. Bob Newhart and Betty White are both on my wish list. We shall see!

  51. Absolutely brilliant podcast. In the years to come, it will be recognized as a classic.

    • Thanks so much, Richard!

  52. From an interview with May Pang who lived with John Lennon for 18 months.

    Q. What did he like to do for fun?

    A. He loved being out by the water, because it reminded him of Liverpool. Our balcony in New York faced the East River. He loved getting on a boat, swimming, sitting in the sun. There’s a few pictures of him swimming or on a boat in my collection. He loved the simple things; things he grew up on. I used to make him the typical English breakfast of bacon and eggs, beans on toast and black pudding. He loved to watch television; it was the advent of cable TV.

    Q. What was his favorite show?

    A. Johnny Carson, all the way.

    • Greg, I had no idea. Thanks for letting me know. Very cool. I believe the only time John Lennon was on The Tonight Show was with guest host Joe Garagiola.

  53. Mark, Thank you so much for helping us remember and honor not only Johnny, but also the rest of his cast and crew and all of his fabulous guests over the years. Being a mailman on a mounted route , I enjoy listening to your interviews weekly while making my deliveries. I was lucky enough to see the tonight show live in 1975. Unfortunately, it was a Monday night and Johhy was off. McLean Stevenson was the host that night. Mclean was great, but we were really hoping to see Johnny. Thanks to your podcast ,I remember the whole experience very fondly and very often . Keep up the good work !

    • Rick, thanks so much for your kind words! Glad to hear you listen during your work route. So wonderful you got to see the show live with McLean as guest host. Would have loved to have him on the podcast. All my best!

  54. Thank you Mark Malkoff for spending the time, effort & resources on this passion project! This collection should be apart of any Johnny Carson museum. This is incredible thanks to your sincerity, joy, passion & incredible knowledge of Carson. The best interviews are usually the ones I expect the least from. Ray Combs Jr, Teresa Ganzel & Frank Abagnale are among my favorites. Not only is this a fascinating exploration of Johnny, it’s a great look at the history of late night TV with guests who crossed paths with Letterman, Parr, Steve Allen, Joan Rivers & the entire pantheon. Just like Johnny’s show, this is an oasis of fun & intelligence in a crazy world. As the host of 2 podcasts myself, I understand what goes into this. As a kid who grew up a fan of late night & Carson, I need to give you a huge thanks & a round of applause for what you’re doing & what you’ve done.

    • Robert, I really appreciate your nice words! Hosting the Carson Podcast has been a labor of love.

  55. Hi Mark,
    I really enjoy your podcast. Your passion really comes through on each episode. Great recruitment of guests, great preparation, and wonderful enthusiasm. I hope you never run out of guests and find a few sponsors to help you out financially. BTW, I contributed to your last Patreon drive and its OK to mention my name.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Kurt! Also for the donation. We have some fun episodes coming up.

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