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Michael Barrie

Michael Barrie and Mark MalkoffCarson writer Michael Barrie talks to Mark about the unusual way he got hired on the Tonight Show, the joke he wrote that got Johnny a standing ovation while hosting the Emmys, and his current job as a writer for Letterman.

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Regis Philbin

Regis Philbin and Mark Malkoff


Regis Philbin talks to Mark about filming with Johnny on set during his final weeks, Joanna Carson being instrumental in him securing a rare interview with Johnny, and being an NBC page on the Steve Allen Show.

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Charles Grodin

Mark Malkoff and Charles Grodin

In his first ever podcast interview actor Charles Grodin discusses his memorable Carson appearances, his decision to go on in character as himself, and being one of three guests to be put under exclusive contract with the Tonight Show.

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Steven Wright

Mark Malkoff and Steven Wright

Comedian Steven Wright talks to Mark about his love for Carson growing up, his memorable Tonight Show stand-up debut in 1982, and how Johnny Carson changed his life—twice.

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Tom Dreesen

Mark Malkoff and Tom Dreesen Frequent Letterman guest Tom Dreesen speaks with Mark about how his Johnny Carson stand-up debut caused chaos backstage and how one appearance on the Tonight Show caused him to go from being on unemployment to having a deal with CBS overnight.


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