George Shapiro

George Shapiro and Mark MalkoffLegendary manger, George Shapiro, joins Mark to discuss Jerry Seinfeld’s Johnny appearances, the brilliance and crazy antics Andy Kaufman, and Carson and Seinfeld deciding to leave their shows while still on the top of their game.

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Bob Nelson

bob nelson carson podcastBob Nelson joins Mark to discuss his Johnny appearances, Red Skelton wanting to meet him after seeing him perform on the Tonight Show, and being in a comedy trio with a teenage Eddie Murphy.

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Frank Abagnale

Frank AbagnaleFrank Abagnale joins Mark to discuss the unexpected way he got booked on Carson, Steven Spielberg crediting Johnny for “Catch Me If You Can”, and Johnny urging him to write a book about his life.

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Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly and Mark MalkoffJennifer Tilly joins Mark to discuss her Carson appearances, Sam Simon advising her to stop appearing with Johnny, and inadvertently hurting Randy Travis’ feelings.



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Adam Shawn

Adam Shawn and Mark MalkoffAdam Shawn, son of Dick Shawn, talks to Mark about his father’s numerous Carson appearances, the acclaimed one-person show The Second Greatest Entertainer in The Whole Wide World, and his father’s tragic passing on stage during a college performance.

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Barbara Meltzer

Mark Malkoff and Barbara Meltzer

Former Tonight Show staffer, Barbara Meltzer, joins Mark to discuss being assistant to Fred deCordova, Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki’s wedding, and working with Jack Paar on his comeback attempt.

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Steve Mittleman

Mark Malkoff and Steve MittlemanComedian Steve Mittleman joins Mark to discuss his Johnny appearances, writing for Gabe Kaplan, and working with Woody Allen in Radio Days.

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Rick Ludwin

Rick Ludwin and Mark Malkoff

Rick Ludwin, former NBC VP of late night and specials, joins Mark to discuss working with Johnny, trying to get Johnny back on TV after retirement, and bringing Jerry Seinfeld to NBC.

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Paul Anka

Paul Anka and Mark Malkoff

Paul Anka joins Mark to discuss composing Johnny Carson’s theme song, hiring Johnny pre-Tonight Show to write comedy material, and the lessons he learned from the Rat Pack.

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Pat Boone

Pat Boone and Mark Malkoff

Pat Boone joins Mark to discuss his memorable Carson appearances, guest hosting the Tonight Show, and competing in a cow milking contest against Doc Severinsen.

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