Matthew Weiner

Matthew Weiner and Mark Malkoff

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner talks to Mark about using Johnny Carson clips on Mad Men, comparisons between Johnny and Don Draper, and the impact Jon Hamm hosting SNL had on Mad Men.

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Fred Stoller

Fred Stoller and Mark Malkoff

Fred Stoller talks to Mark about his 1989 Johnny Carson appearance, the challenges of writing for Seinfeld, and sitcom tales detailed in his book Maybe We’ll Have You Back.

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Marc Shaiman

Marc Shaiman and Mark Malkoff

Marc Shaiman joins Mark to discuss Bette Midler’s Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson appearance on May 21, 1992, his idea for Bette to sing One For My Baby, and working with Jan Hooks and Nora Dunn on the Sweeney Sisters.

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Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas and Mark Malkoff

Dave Thomas talks to Mark about Johnny’s love of his Bob Hope impression, dreaming as a kid of appearing on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and the line during his Carson appearance that caused Johnny to fall behind his desk in laughter.

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Calvin Trillin

Calvin Trillin Carson Podcast

Calvin Trillin talks to Mark about his twenty-five plus Johnny Carson appearances, the fear of being on the Tonight Show with Hulk Hogan, and writing for the New Yorker since 1963.

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Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson and Mark Malkoff

Tom Wilson talks to Mark about playing the tuba on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, his limo breaking down on the way to his Tonight Show debut, and Johnny being responsible for giving Tom his current name.

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James Randi

James Randi

Magician and skeptic, James Randi, joins Mark to discuss Uri Geller’s infamous Tonight Show appearance, Johnny’s similar interest in debunking psychics and televangelists, and his phone calls with Johnny post retirement.

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George Wendt

George Wendt and Mark Malkoff

George Wendt talks to Mark about Johnny Carson’s appearance on Cheers, hosting SNL directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and the Cheers cast being part of one of the biggest debacles in late night history.

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Jim Fowler

Jim Fowler and Mark Malkoff

Renowned naturalist, Jim Fowler, talks to Mark about his Carson appearances, taking Johnny on a safari to Africa, and sneaking a water buffalo past NBC security.

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Paul Provenza

Paul Provenza and Mark Malkoff

Paul Provenza talks to Mark about his standup debut on the Tonight Starring Johnny Carson, Johnny apologizing for not being able to call Paul over to the couch, and  the one regret he has about the Tonight Show.

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