Jeff Sotzing

Jeff Sotzing and Mark Malkoff


Former Tonight Show producer Jeff Sotzing talks to Mark about working on the Tonight Show, having Johnny Carson as an uncle, and running Carson Entertainment Group.


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Lance Burton

Lance Burton and Mark Malkoff


Magician Lance Burton joins Mark to discuss his dream of wanting to perform on Carson, his recording-setting 12 minute Carson debut, and why he feels Johnny changed his life.

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Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner and Mark Malkoff

Appearing as a guest with Johnny over 40 times, Carl Reiner joins Mark to discuss his favorite Carson moments, their famous poker game, and writing for Your Show of Shows.

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Andrew Nicholls

Mark Malkoff and Andrew Nicholls

Carson writer Andrew Nicholls talks to Mark about his weekly writing meetings with Johnny at his Malibu home, the first 12 weeks on the job writing 988 pages of material, and the horrors of writing for Thicke of the Night.

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Dave Coulier

Dave Coulier and Mark Malkoff

Dave Coulier talks to Mark about initially turning down the chance to do standup on the Tonight Show, finally making his Carson debut, and being backstage for Garry Shandling’s first appearance.

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Harry Lorayne

harry lorayne

Memory expert Harry Lorayne discusses his twenty plus Carson appearances, Jack Paar originally not wanting him on his show, and the anxiety of having to remember the names of hundreds of studio audience members.


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Peter Lassally

Peter Lassally and Mark Malkoff

Legendary late night talk show producer Peter Lassally discusses his 23 years producing The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, his tenure as Executive Producer on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and urging Johnny post-retirement to send his jokes to David Letterman.




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Kevin Nealon

Kevin Nealon and Mark Malkoff


Kevin Nealon joins Mark to discuss his dream of doing standup on Carson, sitting in the Tonight Show studio audience as a fan, and being a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

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Florence Henderson

Florence Henderson and Mark Malkoff

Florence Henderson talks to Mark about singing at Tiny Tim’s wedding, being the Tonight Show’s first female guest host, and the ingredients for being a good talk show guest.

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Phil Rosenthal

Phil Rosenthal and Mark Malkoff

Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal joins Mark to talk about Johnny wanting to meet him after directing President Clinton in a video for the White House Correspondents Dinner, his two hour lunch with Johnny, and Carson’s influence on him growing up.


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